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We have successfully passed our interim Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor re-assessment

We have successfully passed our interim Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor re-assessment


We are thrilled to say that we have retained our status as an ARB Approved Contractor

The ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC) Scheme is the industry standard for quality
assured, compliant arboricultural contracting.

The ARB Approved Contractor scheme off...

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Researchers Measure Trees' Ability to Lower Urban Temperature


Dutch researchers have attempted to quantify the role of trees in locally mitigating the nocturnal urban heat island (UHI) effect.

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Elizabeth Truss Backs Tree Planting As Part of "Catchment-Level" Response to Floods


Tree-planting programmes "can both reduce flood risk and improve the environment", Defra secretary Elizabeth Truss told the House of Commons recently

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The Removal of a Highly Toxic Varnish Tree


Extreme safety measures had to be implemented when working on the harmful Chinese Varnish tree

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London Trees Worth £6bn, Survey Finds


London's eight million trees are worth £6.1 billion to the capital and contribute £130 million in wider benefits, a new survey has calculated.

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50% Off Woodchip Sales For A Limited Time Only


50% off woodchip prices for delivery and collection

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Problems with phone lines

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Congratulations to Dave for completing a once in a lifetime charity row


Our very own Dave Johnson completes a charity row across the English Channel

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Heavitree Oak tree gets second chance after February storm


Up-rooted English Oak tree left as safe stucture for second chance at life

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New Guidance on Veteran Tree Management


Veteran trees are an essential component of our historic landscape

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Warning of rogue tree surgeon in Devon


Please make sure you check the credentials of the tree work contractor you are going to use. The work is hazardous and needs to be done by a fully certified professional.

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Serious storm forecast to hit South Devon


South Devon has been warned to prepare itself for the worst storm in more than two decades this weekend.

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An update on Ash dieback and the fight against it


Scientists map UK Ash tree genome

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A big welcome to Tom Oxton


We are proud to welcome Tom to our team after successfully completing an apprenticeship scheme.

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Next big three tree health pest-and-disease threats listed


Food & Environment Research Agency (FERA) list next big three tree health pest-and-disease threats

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Ash dieback luring cowboy tree surgeons


Ash dieback has drawn cowboy tree surgeons out of the woodwork to try and scaremonger homeowners into having their trees felled, Trading Standards' officers have warned.

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The importance of Biosecurity


With Ash die-back (Chalara fraxinea) getting a lot of media coverage recently biosecurity has never been more important

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Epicormic Growth


Epicormic growth surrounds us everywhere on trees. But what exactly is it and why is it there?

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Charity skydive


Darren taking the leap of faith for The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

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Happy New Year


Hello 2013!

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Ash dieback disease


Ash dieback disease has had a lot of media coverage recently, but what exactly is it, and what should we look out for?

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First outbreak of dangerous tree pest found in UK


An outbreak of the Asian longhorn beetle (ALB), an exotic beetle pest which could have severe consequences for British trees, has been found in Kent, the Food &...

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The damage to trees during a drought


We're all enjoying the fantastic warm weather currently but Drought Orders and water restrictions are being predicted particularly in the east and south east of...

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The changes in trees during Spring


We all love the dawn of Spring after a cold Winter, but what does this mean to a tree?

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Welcome to our brand-new website!

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New Year High Winds


High winds at beginning of 2012 cause numerous trees to fail across Devon

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

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Equality and Diversity


In-house training day: Essential skills in the 21st century.

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Successful Tender


Exeter City Council has awarded us the Tree Works Contract for a second time.

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AA Visit


Arboricultural Association CPD on BS3998:2010

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