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Heavitree Oak tree gets second chance after February storm


Up-rooted English Oak tree left as safe stucture for second chance at life

During the February storms we were contacted by Exeter City Council to make an Oak tree safe that had up-rooted at Heavitree Pleasure Grounds. The mature English Oak has great sentimental value to both the council and the residents of Exeter.

Working with Exeter City Council we managed to work out a way to make the tree safe but also give it a chance to continue living in it's current condition. Although the tree had fallen over the tree still has a number of functioning roots that will both support the tree structurally and supply it with the nutrients it needs to sustain life.

The tree has been cut back heavily for safety,  the exposed roots have been pruned back and the pit caused by the tree falling over has been filled with mulch.

Exeter City Council and ourselves have had a great response to the decision that was made and it's great to see that although the tree had fallen over, removing the tree was an absolute last resort.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed that the Oak tree can recover and it can be enjoyed in the park for many more years to come.

Heavitree Oak tree gets second chance after February storm